If It Was True Then, Why Wouldn’t It Be True Now?

 “Things had been so confusing until He gave me a clear direction through His Word, it was so clear that I chose to hold on to it. However, things turned out so outrageously far from that promise. There was no even a piece of evidence that His promise would be fulfilled. So I guess the wisest thing to do was to forget about it and moved on…”. These were the lines that were somberly poured out by a friend and maybe somehow you can relate with it too.

How many of us have chosen to forget one of God’s promises to us? It could be a promise of provision that put you in a situation of lack instead, or a promise of healing but when you were at the peak of your hope, you received the doctor’s letter telling that your condition got even worse or maybe it’s a promise of relationship restoration but then he or she insensitively left you.

I may not hit the exact thing that happened or is happening to you. But let’s fight unbelief that cancels God’s faithfulness. We can never stretch our minds to comprehend fully how God executes his ways or how long he’s gonna allow it to happen. We need to strongly believe that His Word is true and it is for sure that it will meet his purpose because God said in His word,

“So shall my word be that goes out from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty, but it shall accomplish that which I purpose, and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.” Isaiah 55:11

This Scripture is powerful but there’s still a tendency for unbelief to creep in us because of sense of uncertainty of how  His promises are going to take place. We want the wills and the shalls of God to come with exact length of time and with a step-by-step guide on how He’s going to perform it to convince and keep us holding on to it. Sadly, we sometimes entirely neglect to understand that uncertainties call us to practice our faith while we enjoy His presence along the journey towards his purpose without doubting a single thing of what He said or has said.

I remember a simple but striking line (maybe just for me!😄) in the movie, “Letters to Juliet”. Here’s a part of Sophie’s reply to Claire about finding her long-lost-lover, “I don’t know how your story ended but if what you felt then was true love then it’s never too late. If it was true then, why wouldn’t it be true now? I don’t want to quote the next line but well it said there, “you need only the courage to follow your heart.” Uhm haha yah just forget about that last line and follow what God is saying instead!

So it’s the same thing with God’s word that already revealed to us. The fact that it didn’t happen in the way or in the time that we expected it to happen doesn’t mean that it’s not true anymore. God’s word will always be true and it will always accomplish its purpose. God’s Word to you THEN definitely has a careful connection to your NOW. That’s why if it was true then, why wouldn’t be true now? 😊 


About Trust 5.18.15

“I warned you not to trust her. See what she did to you? She just retold your message to others with her sneaked in stories to be used against you. You should have not wasted your time explaining things to her!” These are the lines that were coming out of my friend’s mouth while we were inside a cab. She was so infuriated because someone took advantage of my trust. She was so concerned to me because I’m not that type of person who will fight back to get even. In her perspective, It was like a fight wherein I was on the losing side.

About Pain 5.11.15

A friend asked me and seemed to wonder why I’m still emotionally affected by a particular incident:  She said, “I thought you were ready about it, you were so certain and so secure when you were saying that whatever happened you were ready that things may not set according to your hopes.” Then I replied, “Yes it was true when I told you that, but it doesn’t follow that it will free me from the emotional pain when the opposite of my hopes are put to reality. Of course (more…)

The Light Post and the Moon


LightPost And Moon

Whenever I go out from establishment, office or even from our house, what I usually do is to look up and check what the sky has to offer. It’s really my simple joy to see different cloud patterns every morning (regardless if it’s fine or gloomy), the transition of sky colors during sunset and glimmering stars and bright moon at night.  For me, there are astounding messages that could be communicated to us through these creations just like in the picture posted here. That photo was taken using my android notepad camera when my friends and I went to one of Starbucks in Tagaytay. (more…)

Know Your Avenger!

Avengers_logoAll of us have experienced to be offended and hurt in so many ways. Some of them left a skin-deep wound while others penetrated so profoundly, ripping someone’s inner core. When someone encounters such, the natural inclination is to fight back and get even no matter what it may cost. This is very prevalent even in this generation and we don’t have to be very astute to notice that. Just check out some social networks and you’ll see how some people are taking advantage of their freedom of expression to shout out their anger or verbal revenge for someone.


Remember, At the Last Stroke of Midnight


“Remember, At the Last Stroke of Midnight…” Are you kind of familiar with this line and feel like uttering the following words??? But before we proceed to that, let me just clarify that this blog is not to create a movie review since Kenneth Branagh and Chris Weitz’s Cinderella adaptation is still on theaters. This is merely to impart some revelations I had from this particular part of the movie.  Assuming most of you know already its plot, let me just set your mind and bring you back to this particular scene: (more…)